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902 WEST WASHINGTON STREET, SAN DIEGO, CA 92103 - TEL. 619-955-8451
Bar & Cocktails
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Harley Gray for me is a representation of everything that I have learned that is important for a restaurant to be successful. This was collaboration of the people I most admire and trust and of my own education from two decades of growing up in this industry.

What and who is Harley Gray? It is a mash up of sorts! The name is a combination of my beautiful nieces names: Harper Grace & Marley May. They have individually changed my family forever and brought a sense of peace and purpose to our lives. HG is a coming together of the most creative and hilarious people I know, each bringing a different perspective to the table. This was a process of creating a space in Mission Hills that will allow our knowledge and skills to give people an experience that will be positively infectious. Our vision is for a restaurant that anybody in the neighborhood can visit multiple times in a week; and have a different experience each time but leave with the same feeling of fun quality service, great food and drinks, and a sense of neighborhood love.

As a resident of Mission Hills for over 12 years, I have watched the neighborhood grow, diversify and flourish. I have been very aware and grateful for the new businesses opening and taking a chance in adding to our neighborhood and I am so proud to be a member of that club now. Harley Gray is a space to meet new friends, celebrate good times, treasure our time with others and make memories. I thrive in an environment of diversity and inclusion both professionally and personally and am so excited for our future on Goldfinch and Washington. We hope to welcome home all of the Gathering's loyal customers as well as encouraging new guests to walk through our doors. Through great food, friendly and truly meaningful service and a flare for fun, we are excited to serve you; our neighbors and friends.

John Ealy - Owner